Chafik dessine une collection de meubles pour Hugues Chevalier dont le fauteuil Ying, choisi par l’Hôtel Matignon pour les salons de réception du Premier Ministre. Ce fauteuil continue à ennoblir les salons de prestige comme très récemment ceux de l’Hôtel Shangri-La à Paris.

“Chafik is a designer who has the ability to integrate the style of the company with which he is working into all his aesthetic, cultural, commercial and industrial components. He then contributes real innovation, and a creative and original approach within a defined framework. He is an artist who respects the tradition of our company and enables exchange, dialogue and real teamwork. He wrote a new chapter in the history of Hugues Chevalier without breaking with our past. The chair he has created for us will leave its mark in the history of design of the late 20th century. Chafik is a vibrant artist, a sparkling gem; he knows how to tell stories and meets all challenges with perfectionism.”

Alain Caradeuc, CEO of Hugues Chevalier

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