Dominique Mandonnaud, the founder of Sephora, entrusted Chafik with the direction of the creation of the Sephora megastore on the Champs-Élysées. A temple dedicated to beauty, a jewel of light, colour, touch, sound and fragrance that invents the multi-sensory experience of self-service luxury. For seven years, Chafik participated in the worldwide development of Sephora.
In 2001, Chafik received the Prix de l’Observeur du Design for the Sephora Blanc concept, a prospective and holistic perfumery, dedicated to well-being.

Chafik is not a man that one knows, he is a man whom one meets. I listened to him and watched what he did. He is a little prince who is constantly asking questions about everything that is happening in our world. He tries to understand and only accepts what he has understood. Until you are on the path of his logic, he will not let the matter alone. Chafik has an exacting intellectual honesty and a very great sensibility that must be sought out. He is an artist who must be heard and understood. Revamping the Sephora store on the Champs-Élysées is a typical example of his thought process: Chafik helped with a disciplined equilibrium and a harmony of lines. The perfume organ correlates with the creative part of his character, invoking a mixture of sensitivity and precision. Chafik is a designer who was born before the word came into existence; he is a particular form of artist in a class of his own, a creator with an all-encompassing comprehension of an issue, who seeks to find rational and aesthetically pleasing solutions. But can we define this artist within a family? I do not think so. In two words I would just say: The Great Chafik.

Dominique Mandonnaud, founder of Sephora

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